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Want to start 2019 feeling grounded, open and inspired with clear intentions and goals? Come and join us for a lovely workshop filled with connection, clarity, inspiration, wellness and conversation.

We love vision boards because they provide freedom from linear courses of action. The way in which we create them leaves room for not only your most dearly held ideas of your best life, but also things that you may not conceive of now, but that deep down, your spirit already knows is in store for you. If you’re struggling to know the next steps to take in your life, our process will help you get clear on the path to fulfilment, joy and freedom.

We know our bodies and minds are both integral factors in creating our best lives, and this workshop factors that in to help you make your dreams come true in 2019. Join Katia Murdoch (from New Earth Yoga) and I for a fun, unique experience.

Why vision boarding?

  • Set clear intentions and goals for 2019

  • What you focus on grows

  • Because images of your right life give you the feeling of already having it- and feeling it is the first step to creating it.

  • Seeing your board regularly sparks inspiration and motivation to create (and attract) the life you want.

What makes this workshop different?


  • Our bodies are integral to our inspiration; if your body is calm, alert and open, your mind will follow suit. This fast tracks creativity.

  • The philosophy of yoga is extemely conducive to finding our best lives

Conversations with a Wayfinder Coach

  • The root of confidence to make your dreams come true

  • How to overcome what’s keeping you stuck

  • Get clarity as to what you actually want, and the foundation for attaining it

  • How to channel your response to beautiful images to guide your next steps in life

What’s included?

  • Begin with an opening, inspiring yoga session

  • Discussion around the science and methodology of making your dreams a reality

  • Delicious goodies to eat

  • Connection and community with like minds

  • Materials and instruction to create beautiful vision board to bring you into the new year, inspired and energised.

  • Close with a grounding, integrating yoga practice. 

Your right life is waiting. Let’s go!


We’ve already run our early 2019 Vision Board Workshop, but to be notified when the next one is planned, please enter your details below.

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Contact us with any questions:

Keri Clarke, Wayfinder Coach | 021 249 8944

Katia Murdoch, New Earth Yoga | 021 190 0726