Coaching Packages


Right Life Package

Coaching is most powerful when done in a series of sessions; it allows us to go deeper and also build on the work week by week. This package consists of six sessions. 

What you'll learn: 

  • A surefire way to know which decisions will lead you to your right life

  • A powerful method for liberating yourself from the prison of limiting beliefs, and the suffering they cause

  • How your home and possessions can give you valuable insight into what may be holding you back, and what will liberate you.

  • Tools to understand the message your unique higher self is trying to get you to understand.

  • A clear vision of what your right life looks like, so you can map the way to getting there.

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Give yourself, and your family, the greatest gift

Showing up as your truest, freest, most empowered, fulfilled and joyful self is transformational not only for you, but for all of your loved ones. Don’t live your life in fear for another moment. Ready for change? Apply for an introductory session and let’s start creating your right life.